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We saved a fish and chip shop in Northamptonshire £672

We saved a butcher in Cornwall £778

We saved a post office in Surrey £1,266

We saved a dentist in West Sussex £1,360

We saved a car dealership in Kent £1,552

We saved a manufacturer in Kent £1,719

We saved a barbershop in Essex £1,992

We saved a chartered surveyors in Middlesex £2,252

We saved a grocery shop in Cheshire £2,348

We saved a night club in Berkshire £2,661

We saved a hairdressers in Greenwich £2,807

We saved a restaurant in Kensington £3,429

We saved a interior designer in Isle of Wight £4,073

We saved a interior designer in Isle of Wight £4,073

We saved a church in Cambridge £6,652

We saved a antique shop in Cheshire £7,743

We saved a musical museum in Kent £15,632

We saved a care home in East Sussex £32,804

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Why Lumina?
Partnering with Kent County Council for 25 years.

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Electricity Contracts

We have worked with over 3,000 UK businesses to find the best deals when it comes to their energy bills. Business Electricity prices can be very competitive and it's often time consuming for a business owner to sit down and search the market for the best rates. We take that hassle away making the process quick, easy and simple.

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Gas Contracts

Business Gas prices can be a minefield with so many tariffs and options available. We want to help business owners navigate through the tariff maze and find the best deals available. Having worked with over 3,000 UK businesses, we know how to search the market for the best rates, making the switching process stress free.

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How to switch provider in 5 simple steps

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Our service is quick, easy and hassle free giving you more time to focus on whats really important, your business.

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We deliver a free to use energy advice and contract switching service to help businesses save money on energy costs.


Wholly owned by Kent County Council we benefit from their 25 year's experience in energy procurement.

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You won't be tied into any contract with us. We simply provide the quotes, then the rest is up to you.

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