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We're a Third-Party Intermediary, but what does that mean?

We like to be transparent with all our customers in terms of how we work so find out below it means to be a TPI and how we work.

We are a registered TPI with the Energy Ombudsman Service’s ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Scheme

As of 1st December 2022 energy suppliers are only authorised to work with TPIs (Third Part Intermediaries) or Brokers who are registered with the Energy Ombudsman’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme.

The scheme provides a platform to resolve disputes between energy suppliers/brokers and their customers and has incorporated new regulations to protect customers following OFGEM’s Microbusiness Strategic Review.

We’re about honesty and open transparency with you.

One of our values is honesty, from our recommendations for your energy to how we make our money. We want you to know exactly how we work to deliver our service.

Lumina Energy is a TPI (Third-Party Intermediary).

This means that as an organisation and individuals we provide energy advice to help you with your energy needs. Examples of TPI’s are switching sites, energy brokers and any company offering energy procurement services. One thing we want to make crystal clear is that we are not your energy supplier – your contract will always be with the supplier and not with us.

How we make our money as a TPI

Our service is not free, and this is something that isn’t always made clear on other websites and in conversation. It’s very important to us that you understand how it all works.

As a TPI we charge you for our service and this can happen in two ways:

Directly with you – you pay us.


Indirectly with the supplier – your chosen energy supplier will make a payment to us and it will be added to your bill.

Important things to remember…

When deciding to work with a TPI there are important things to be aware of and remember. At Lumina, we aim to make the process of switching energy supplier easy and hassle free. Below is our list of what you should look out for and keep in mind.

  • A supplier is under no obligation to supply to your business. They determine the customers they choose to supply to often by looking at the size of supply or company credit rating. What we can do at Lumina is make sure you fit all the supplier’s conditions before managing your energy procurement.
  • Generally, there is no cooling-off period after you agree to contract switch with us. This is applicable to agreements made over the phone and in writing.
  • In terms of duration, not all energy contracts are the same, while most are for a fixed term it is important that you understand how long your contract will last with your new supplier.
  • Your energy supply contract will always be with the energy supplier and not with Lumina Energy.
  • Compliance with the Business Protection from Misleading Marketing regulations (BPMMR’s) is very important, and we will always comply with these regulations.

Our priority is to protect you and your business

As a TPI we must comply with consumer protection laws, including those which relate to business customers. As part of the Business Protection from Misleading Marketing Regulations (BPMMR) we are prohibited from misleading advertising activities and are required to always identity ourselves and be clear about what we do when we speak to you.

Not satisfied with our service?

If at any time you are not satisfied with our service, please do not hesitate to contact us using the button below.

You can also find full details of our Complaints Procedure by clicking here.

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