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Businesses fear switching and saving

Oct 21, 2015

On a daily basis consumers are being urged to switch their energy suppliers regularly to accomplish better contract rates and lower prices on their energy bills and since the investigation into the Big 6, Ofgem & DECC have launched campaigns to help consumers achieve this, but what effect could switching have on small businesses?

New research by Utilitywise shows almost half of small business throughout the UK have never switched supplier or tariffs with one in five admitting they didn’t even know switching suppliers was possible. But why do businesses not make the switch?

The research shows that:

Nearly half worry about the costs involved and the fees attached to moving to a new supplier. 46% of business owners are concerned about all the paperwork involved with making the switch. Over a quarter are worried that once they switch they will face disruption to their energy supply or they may be left with no gas or electricity at all.

Switching is a lot easier than business owners think. You can see for yourself – click here.