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Capitalising on Sales for Seasonal Occasions

Oct 24, 2016

Easter, Halloween and Christmas are the UK’s top 3 highest consumer spending occasions. Focusing and joining in on key events and occasions happening throughout the year is a big part of social marketing and can help motivate your sales team to achieve a larger customer base. It can also entice more customers to your business. 

With Halloween just around the corner we look at how you can capitalise on the spooktastic festivities. 

Special Halloween Offers

During each seasonal period you should always think about any deals and offers you might be able to provide to increase customer interaction. Post these offers on social media, in mailshot campaigns, external adverts and signage. These can be a powerful marketing tool if applied correctly using the specified seasonal theme.

Social Media

In the current fast moving world of technology, social media channels are now a massive part of attracting new business. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have transformed business marketing allowing you to hone in on specific ideas for every seasonal period. Posting relatable content can help increase sales and attract new customers to your business. lumina-energy-halloween-desk-spooky-feature-image

Here are a few ideas that could benefit your business over the Halloween period.

• Halloween blog post 

Create a Halloween related blog post (e.g. How to carve the perfect pumpkin).

• Fun Halloween tweets

Take the week leading up to 31st October and create daily tweets and opinion polls relating to Halloween. What is your favourite scary film? What are your favourite sweets to give trick or treaters? This is a great way to interact with customers, create Twitter discussions and build on new and existing relationships.

• Facebook Ads

Think about running a promotion for the day of Halloween, if you can offer your customer 20% off with the coupon ‘GHOST’, then do it. A great way to advertise this is using Facebook Ads. Set aside a budget for the day and run your ads up until your deadline. You will then appear in potential customers feeds outside of the normal group who like your page.

Mailshot Campaigns

The art of creating a stand out mailshot campaign can sometimes be challenging. However as long as you keep the content relatable, colourful and interesting, it’s possible that this could be one of your biggest assets during any holiday period. Always include images in your message and any sales/offers you might have advertising them as special offers e.g. “Halloween Special”. Don’t forget to relate back to any blog content you might have written or sales promotions advertised on your website. Keep your call to actions strong and the more traffic you can generate back to your site from this mailshot the better. 

Halloween Competitions

Competitions are a great way to increase customer interaction and popularity. If you have premises where you meet customers face to face, run a competition at the front desk.  A simple “how many sweets in the jar?” competition is a great way to get interaction with your customers flowing outside of the normal sales process. If you wanted to get further reach, make the competition viral. Post it on your Twitter feeds and Facebook pages.

Staff Motivation

As simple as it sounds, your staff are in fact the key to all of your profit gain. Improving the office environment and taking the time to have some fun with your colleagues can boost team morale and improve sales.  Have fun at Halloween with your team and dress up for the day, it’ll also make your customers laugh and see how personable you are as a business. Why not help raise money for charity in the process and do a bake sale? You could sell the cakes between offices if you’re in a large building or again to customers when they come in the door. Don’t forget to share all of this on your social media channels throughout the day too.