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Working with CLS Holdings plc to identify energy savings

Oct 14, 2015

CLS Holdings is an international property investment company. The company focuses on office buildings, where the residing customer changes on a regular basis.

“Lumina identified over £26,000 of savings for CLS Holdings plc.”

With a high turn over of properties and customers, monitoring the billing at all their sites has historically proved problematic. This resulted in some properties being vacated while large account credits were still held by the site’s water suppliers. Some properties were being made to pay VAT by default. Through gaining a full understanding of both the company’s current and historic portfolio, Lumina were able to claim over £24,000 of credits back for CLS Holdings in the form of a cheque.

By assessing the building’s usage we were able to claim VAT exemption on the properties being charged. There was also an option for CLS Holdings to receive a tax rebate amounting to approximately £2,000 for the properties that had paid VAT for a long period of time.

Using Lumina’s SystemsLink portal, CLS Holdings are now able to log meter reads. These reads are validated to ensure the meter has been read correctly, before then being sent onto the supplier. Thames Water have agreed to raise regular billing to reflect these meter reads. Lumina also validates this billing to ensure accuracy.

Through detailed and continuous management of their water portfolio, CLS Holdings have built a detailed record of their portfolio. This includes information on both their meter asset information and their current level of consumption, putting them in a very strong position to tender for the supply of water when the water markets open to competition in 2017.

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