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Case Study of St Mary’s, Standon PCC

May 01, 2018

“Church in Standon saves £300 per year on their energy bills”

Company Background

St Mary’s Standon is part of Parochial Church Council and was originally a Saxon church with what is known to be it’s original Saxon front. It is regularly used for concerts and recitals enjoyed by many, from their local community to further afield. Lay Minister, Caroline Franks spoke to us about how she found her experience with Lumina Energy:

“Our PCC has dealt with a number of electricity suppliers over the years, and anyone involved with churches will know that it’s not straight forward. When most people are taking time out over the weekend, we are consuming our greatest amounts of power. Christmas and Easter are our heaviest times of consumption, and most tariffs are set up to cater for quite a different set of priorities.”

How did you find Lumina?

“We discovered CS Lumina through a recommendation.”

How did we help?

“Andrew has been immensely helpful, distilling information into clear summaries that we can understand; presenting us with different scenarios; providing us with green options and handling all the interface with the supplier on whom we finally settled.  As we’ve settled in with our new contract, he has been my “go-to” person for all queries and requests, handling them speedily with patience.”

What savings did you make?

“Comparison between suppliers is complicated, and not all PCCs have someone with the expertise to carry it out effectively, yet we are charities; custodians of others’ donations, and often short of resources. It’s important that we get the best deal we can.”

Would you use Lumina again?

“We are only a few months into dealing with CS Lumina, but, based on our experience so far, I would have no hesitation on recommending Andrew to other organisations.”

For more information on St Mary’s, Standon PCC, please visit their website at