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Christmas Busy Period

Dec 09, 2016

Christmas is almost upon us and people are starting to get into the Christmas spirit by decorating their houses and gathering all of the Christmas necessities that come with the festive season. This of course means that businesses around the world are also preparing for this busy time of year.

We have provided some simple tips to help your business prepare for the Christmas rush!

Staff Attitude

During the Christmas period customer volumes and work-load will be at a high. To approach this it’s best to ensure that you have a workforce ready to support the business and those goals.

In the lead up to Christmas have some meetings with staff, keep them clued into the promotions and offers you have so that they are ready with all the information to help customers the best they can.

Don’t forget to involve staff members, perhaps organise some internal treats and fun to keep morale high while the crowds pour in. Happy staff brings massive benefits to your turnover and also will keep customers returning long after Christmas has finished.

Reward Schemes

It’s important during the festive busy period that you understand how your employees are coping and whether they feel valued. Praise can work wonders if used in the correct way. If you tell someone they have done a great job, the chances are they are likely to strive to continue this good work.

Introducing a reward scheme is a great way to go that one step further in pushing your staff to be the best they can be. Incentives such as; shopping vouchers, experience days and extra annual leave days can create an office buzz, linking to higher performance and more sales.


By now you should already be in full swing of your promotion discounts and plans to drive sales over this festive period. Preparation for this is key because you need to know exactly where you can afford to apply discounts or offers. If you work with stock, access those levels correctly and know where you can make up loses.

As soon as Christmas Day is over it’s on to the Boxing Day Sales and then into the New Year. This is always great opportunity to clear old stock and introduce new discounts, but you need to have this planned in advance. Snap decision can be a business risk.

Thinking ahead is important for all retailers when preparing for the Christmas period. You must ensure that you have enough staff to cope with the Christmas rush and hire more if required. You will also most likely be promoting a particular new product in your shop for Christmas. Create a “one time only” promotional deal and decorate your shop window to catch people’s attention. Staff can also get more involved by dressing up as Christmas elves and playing Christmas music. This introduces an element of fun for both customers and employees.

Take a look at our Christmas Make-Over blog post here for more information.

Christmas Promotions

The Christmas period is a fantastic way to promote your business. Shoppers and companies are always on the lookout for great deals and you can show off your business through marketing strategies and social media. Try creating a deal on your product or service for a short time only. Then spread the word via the use of twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to try and bring in new business.

Website & Social Media

Look into your current website statistics and ask yourself “does this look Christmassy?” If you don’t think your website reflects the excitement of Christmas then potential customers certainly won’t. This could reduce website traffic and customers will not want to buy from the website Grinch. Something as simple as adding a Christmas hat to your logo at the top can work wonders for your business at Christmas time.

Social media is another fantastic way to build your customer base. Christmas time is a great excuse to be a bit more fun by introducing Christmas games and blogs that can capture the viewer’s interest. What’s your favourite Christmas film? What’s your favourite Christmas song? What are your family Christmas traditions? Ask your audience to tweet their answers and try to get a conversation going. As long as you reply and stay interactive, you’ll create an extra service that will get people talking about your business.

It’s good to keep a watchful eye on your website and social media traffic. If you notice a sudden spike of customer interest and followers, then you’ll know how to proceed next year and already start planning for new activities. If you notice that nothing has really changed, look into what you could have done better and work on that for the future. Checking competitors twitter feeds and websites is a great way to spark ideas for your own business.

In conclusion, as long as you’re fully prepared and thinking about staff, promotions and marketing strategies, you’ll have a fantastic and rewarding Christmas for your business.