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Christmas Make-Over

Dec 06, 2016

As the Christmas period approaches, thousands of shops create beautiful window displays in an attempt to entice customers to buy their products. Businesses all around the world are creating new exciting ways to attract customers.

We look at how you can give your business a Christmas make-over.

Window Shopping

A shop window at Christmas time can be a magical experience for both children and adults. It allows you to open your imagination and inspire you to create great things using toys and household items. Unfortunately however, there is the potential to go overboard when it comes to decoration, and you don’t want scare customers away by having too many visual effects.

·         Turn down the lights

Not only do masses of lighting drive your customers away, but it also uses a tremendous amount of energy. Less is sometimes more when it comes to Christmas lighting, so create a calm glow of festivity which makes potential customers feel more at home.

·         Don’t overload with items

There are some shops that completely fill every little space they can with Christmas products. Think about the key products you want to push forward this season and make those your focus. Look at the trends of what people bought last year and have an eye for this year.

·         Simple, different, but effective

Have a look at competitors shop windows. How would you improve their display? Is there anything that no other shop has thought of? Think outside of the box, customers love a great new idea especially when it’s so simple to achieve.

Your business make-over

The above tips on shop windows are not necessarily confined to high street retailers; they can also be applied to the service your business is offering.

·         Christmas marketing

The holiday season is a great time to get creative with new and exciting marketing campaigns. High street retailers may have the advantage of physical Christmas decoration, but your business can join in just as much with your online presence. Your Christmas social media, mailshots and website design can achieve all of this.

·         Don’t overload with items

Similar to a shop window, you don’t want to overload your marketing campaigns with the same pieces of information. It can draw the customer away from what you really want them to know. Keep it simple, Christmassy and joyful.

·         Simple, different, but effective

Again, looking at competitor’s websites and newsletters is a great way to inspire you to think outside of the box and look at what others may not have thought of. Once you do this and apply your new and exciting idea, you’re sure to stand out from the crowd.

Office environment

An office environment is one of the most important aspects to running a successful business at any time of the year. During the Christmas period staff will be talking more about Christmas presents, office parties, and social events. This is therefore a golden opportunity to promote your business through your staff during an extremely positive time of year.

Apply incentive sales projects for your colleagues, they’ll be excited to sell more and perhaps get that little extra Christmas treat for winning. Staff morale can really work wonders for any business, so it’s important to keep them happy, decorating the office is a fantastic way to develop this.