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Christmas Party Confessions

Dec 07, 2016

Christmas time can be the most wonderful time of the year, but where there’s Christmas, there’s a Christmas party. Usually Christmas parties are a fantastic opportunity to have fun with colleagues in a more personal way. You meet new people and this makes you appreciate your job on a whole new level. Unfortunately however, parties such as this often create stories. Stories we’d sometimes like to forget.

We asked some of our colleagues about their previous Christmas party mishaps!


“Christmas 2009 and my first Christmas party at Odeon Cinemas had arrived. The party was OSCARS themed with a black tie dress code, quite fancy for this cinema team! An award ceremony was conducted using internal staff votes for best dressed, best manger etc. After the ceremony everyone was dancing, drinking and having a good time. I sat down beside my friend to talk about the night and stretched my arms back drunkenly. I hadn’t noticed the open flame candle sat on the wall behind me. The hot wax poured onto my new white shirt and burnt my shoulder. I leapt up with a surprised yelp while my colleagues proceeded to laugh.”


“Last year I had taken quite a long time deciding on which dress to wear for the annual Christmas party. I wanted to look glamorous and searched the internet for what seemed like hundreds of different dresses before I found a really nice white dress. Happy with my choice and still unsure whether I wanted to return it afterwards, I attended the party with high hopes. After a few drinks I decided to wonder up to the bar and speak to one of our senior executives for the company. As I reached for his attention, he turned and spilled a full glass of red wine down me. I guess I’ll be keeping that dress after all!”


“At a previous company the CEO was always the one who distributed the Secret Santa gifts to everyone during the Christmas dinner. One year he was bought a mankini, which he did see the funny side of. We only realised how much though when the following year he then wore the mankini to deliver the gifts – we didn’t know where to look.”


“A couple of years ago I started a new job just before Christmas and was invited to the company Christmas party. A little nervous not knowing anyone, I tried to make small talk with one of my new colleagues. We proceeded to talk about work, home life and hobbies and things seemed to be going well. By the end we were laughing about TV shows and it seemed that I had gained a friend for years to come. A few drinks in, I thought I’d point out the attractive girl I had noticed in the office with a few jokey innuendoes. His face changed to a disapproving frown. “That’s my sister…” Thankfully, after an embarrassed apology from myself, he was able to laugh it off with understanding and we remain friends to this day.”