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Don’t be spooked… It’s not long until Christmas

Oct 23, 2017

Did you know there are only nine Saturday’s until Christmas? 

That’s eight shopping weekends available for you to maximise your sales and marketing opportunities and drive more business. In the UK the first appearance of Christmas décor in a shop went up in July, now that might be a little early for some but with consumer spend increasing every year and shoppers becoming more and more internet shopping savvy, it’s no surprise some businesses are trying to get in there first.
If you haven’t started to think about your Christmas promotions yet, don’t worry there is still plenty of time. 

Boxing Day Sales

Do you have seasonal stock from the summer that you can start organising ready for those Boxing Day sales? Have a look through your stock rooms and find what you can afford to put in the sale, not only to shift stock to make way for new but also to bring in some extra money.

Opening Times

Start planning now and advertise when you will be open over the Christmas period. It’s also a good idea to alert customers regarding your delivery times so they know to get their orders in early before the cut off point. 


Don’t worry if you don’t have big marketing budgets in your business, it doesn’t mean you can’t go big with your marketing at Christmas. Use the free platforms and tools available to you. If you have a large following on Facebook, highlight to your customers and potential customers all the offers you have coming up, Christmas deliveries, and new stock coming in. You can then check this against your analytics and see what revenue these efforts have generated. 


We’ve spoken about this before and it’s really important to be extra vigilant about fraud at Christmas. Due to the high volumes of consumer spending, risk of fraud is at its highest, so it is important that you check payments thoroughly and look out for anything suspicious.