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Energy & Education

Oct 12, 2016

It has been reported that the education sector across the UK spend just under £400 million on energy every year. Every school has the ability to significantly reduce their energy bills making them much more environmentally friendly. These savings in costs could also result in a school having the ability to plan new projects with the remaining funds.


We all have the capability to learn more about energy efficiency, and better yet, save money while we do it. So here is a list of top tips on saving money for another academic year.

Make it fun

We recently spoke with Lighting Development Manager -Joseph Stewart who specialises in the installation of LED lighting (Light Emitting Diodes). Joseph talked about his recent visits to primary schools that have decided to help save energy by creating fun games and competitions for their pupils to take part in:



  •  A sticker was placed above each light switch with the words “Please switch me off“. The children took great joy in actively looking for light switches that needed to be turned off where appropriate. The amusing result of this exercise was that the teachers were getting told off by their own class when not switching a light off appropriately.
  •  After using a demonstration of LED in one of the classrooms, the teachers decided to give each pupil a blank report. Each child could then fill in what differences they noticed and how the lighting made them feel.

The in-house LED team at Lumina Energy provides commercial LED lighting design and installation services for schools throughout the UK. This service can significantly reduce your energy bills with an attractive improvement of light.

How parents can help?

So while the children are actively helping in school, what can the parents do at home?

Don’t stop the fun. If children are having fun doing these activities at school the chances are they will love telling parents at home. Sometimes children can become the best educators and it’s amusing to see how many parents might not switch off lights when they should.

Try adding stickers above light switches as per the first bullet point above. Teach the kids more about energy efficiency at home by having them turn the tap off while brushing their teeth. Perhaps have them turn the television off when they’re not in the room. All of these aspects can drastically affect your energy bills, so making it fun and educational may help you in the long run. You will keep your children happy and educated along the way.

How the school can help?

There are many ways the education sector can help improve facilities for energy savings without the assistance of students. Reviewing timers on boilers, using energy efficient light bulbs, and replacing electric hand dryers with recycled paper towels are all great ways to reduce energy costs.

A great and hassle-free way of getting these types of appliances identified is by arranging an energy audit. The qualified surveyors at Lumina Energy can complete full energy audits and certificates for your school which provides an energy grading and asset rating. 

We offer a range of services that can help the education sector save money on their energy bills including: 

Lumina-Energy-energy-procurement-larger-business-icon   Energy Procurement                       Lumina-Energy-energy-invoice-validation-larger-business-icon  Invoice Validation

Lumina-Energy-online-energy-management-larger-business-icon   Online Energy Management        Lumina-Energy-led-lighting-installation-services-larger-business-icon   LED Lighting Installation

 Lumina-Energy-energy-surveys-larger-business-icon   Energy Surveys & Certification     Lumina-Energy-water-analysis-monitoring-larger-business-icon   Water Analysis and Monitoring


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