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Energy Efficiency in the workplace

Feb 03, 2016

We often get asked by businesses ways that they can help keep energy costs down. Obviously our first piece of advice would be to look at your current energy tariff because you could save a lot of money just by switching providers. However, we also like to advise beyond that and offer practical tips on ways your business can save energy and become energy ambassadors.

How is energy promoted in your workplace?

The first question to ask yourself is do you promote energy saving in your workplace? Are your employees briefed on ways to save energy? If the answer is no, this can easily be changed. Create posters to go around the office in communal areas reminding people to shut down their PC’s at night, print less paper, turn off lights when they leave the office etc. It can be easy to forget but with visual reminders around it’s amazing how much your brain takes in.

You could also contact The Carbon Trust . They have insightful guides and tools for identifying and improving energy waste in your business.

Get people talking

A way to make people realise the impact of leaving the heating on when its not needed or leaving items on standby, is talk about it. Include energy as a subject in your company meetings or catch ups. The more it’s spoken about the more people become aware of it. Plus it can be made fun too.

Lead by example

One of the best ways to get your employees to buy into these issues is if you, their manager, the business owner /company director make positive steps to reduce energy yourself.  Lead by example, if you show you care others will do the same.

Find an ambassador

You might find by doing some of the activities above that there are people within your workplace that are very passionate about this issue and keen to be more involved. This is beneficial for many reasons because not only will your other employees listen to their peers but it provides employees with the chance to be involved in something outside of their normal 9-5 duties, thus improving morale, communication and the main focus – energy efficiency in your business.

You can find our top tips for energy saving here –