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Energy Efficiency: Summer Holidays

Aug 01, 2016

Holiday season is underway with schools now closed and business owners heading off for a break. We are all getting excited for our summer getaways but have you thought about the energy consumption for your business during this time?  Let’s look at energy efficiency.

Many people think that because the sun is shining, their energy consumption will be at a decline, radiators won’t be on and lights will be off for longer.

We’ve compiled a helpful list of tips for keeping those costs low while you’re away.

Going Away

While it may seem a good idea to keep a porch light on while away it can cost you more money. Think about using a timer socket instead as you can control the energy spend at the times you need it. 

Turn all electrics off of standby. Televisions with physical on/off switches should be turned off this way, rather than clicking the standby button on your remote control. Gas consumption can also be reduced by switching off your boiler before going on holiday.

Keeping Cool

The summer time can get pretty hot, and it won’t be surprising to see many of us using electric fans to cool us down. However having this kind of energy on all day and night can be costly. As an alternative, why not buy yourself a portable battery powered fan. They’re cheap and energy efficient.


Water meters are a great way to be more energy efficient. Try these techniques throughout the year:

• Have a shower instead of a bath

• Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth

• Only fill the kettle for the amount of cups needed



Electronics are a large aspect of energy waste. To ensure you are saving a good amount of energy, you need to ensure that everything is turned off fully after every use. As explained above, televisions need to be switched off instead of placed on standby. Switch off lights in any rooms you’re in, and look at any other appliances that you may not think of, such as toasters, microwaves, and fully charged laptops that don’t need to be plugged in any longer.



Washing machines use up a lot of unnecessary energy consumption, so when putting a wash on, make sure that the washing basket is filled fully, saving on multiple washes. Once the washing is cleaned, hang it out to dry in the sun instead of using a tumble dryer.

Follow these simple tips and enjoy the holidays with the knowledge that you have become more energy efficient!