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Energy overheads not a concern?

Nov 13, 2015

It is very easy to see how many businesses especially small businesses miss how important energy overheads are and more importantly how they affect your profit. In business any fixed cost must be accounted for before any other variables. Once you have an idea of your costs and outgoings it is much easier to forecast what income is needed to cover these and most importantly make a profit.

While working at Lumina, I am also studying to be an accountant in my free time and it is very clear to see how energy saving costs go hand in hand with forming and continuing a successful business.  Many business owners believe they have far more important things to deal with than worry about their next utility bill, however what if you could make a saving on that bill of £2500 – a huge difference to the business. Perhaps owners might spend a little more time looking at these types of savings.

More often than not the issues that are more important to business owners are solutions to generate income and thus increase profit for the company – but when the option to save money is so simple it seems a waste to bypass the opportunity, yet so many do.

I know from talking to my customers how assessing their energy bills and their renewal quotes can save them money and decrease their overheads. We’re happy to speak to any business owner about how to reduce this issue and even provide a quote to give you the full overview. 

It’s really easy, just find your recent bills, give us a call, we’ll discuss your needs and how we can help. 

Author: Dan Prior, Lumina Energy Consultant