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How your energy bills can help your business profit

Nov 19, 2015

In recent months you’ve probably seen lots of adverts advising home owners to switch energy suppliers and save money on their bills, however have you ever wondered whether you should do the same for your business? When your renewal letter arrives, what do you do? You could be saving you money!

When considering switching energy supplier most business owners tend to think three things:

  • I’ve been with my supplier for so long and I’ve never had any issues with them. Why would I want to change?
  • I get my renewal letter in the mail from my current supplier and the new rates look a little higher but rates always increase over time don’t they?
  • My supplier knows my usage so must know what tariff is best – I doubt I’d find a better deal somewhere else.

In reality switching from one supplier to another can provide significant savings to you and your business. All suppliers are looking for new business opportunities and typically provide a lower introductory rate to entice new customers on board. As a result there is a big difference between accepting the renewal offer from your current supplier and getting quotes from alternatives.

As a broker we are able to keep most customers with their existing supplier at a reduced rate to their renewal quote offer. You may wonder how this is possible but having built strong relationships with our suppliers we are able to offer preferential rates, meaning no switch is involved but savings are. At Lumina that’s our main aim, savings. So next time you are sitting down ready to go through the energy bills don’t see red, see Green for go…..

…and make some savings!


Author: Alecsia Cope, Energy Sales Team Leader