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I love my business – Become Known

Feb 08, 2016

Leading up to Valentine’s Day we have interviewed three businesses about how they got started, what they love about their business and what are their goals for the year ahead – Let’s meet James from Become Known.

Become Known logo

Name: James Yorke

Role: Digital Marketer and Web Developer (Freelance)

Company: Become Known

Introductions – Tell us about yourself

I am a creator of websites and provide digital marketing services such as optimising websites so that they can perform well in search engines, set up and manage Google Analytics, create email newsletters and manage social media accounts.

One day I had an idea…

When working in my first job after graduating I started up an online t-shirt website community in my spare time where people could submit designs and I would choose some of those to print and sell via the website. Through this I learnt not only extra web development skills but also digital marketing and found that I also enjoyed this very much.

I had always been interested in running my own business and later down the line I had the chance of becoming freelance and did so under the name of “Become Known”.

Why do you love what you do?

I love having the chance to express myself and be creative using the internet. This comes in many forms such as creating websites, setting up online advertising or finding opportunities to make things happen online. I find the behaviour of people online fascinating and gaining insight into this through tools such as Google Analytics interests me greatly. 

I love being in relative control of my own destiny and the excitement of not knowing what the next day, month or year will bring in terms of projects and people I will meet is very addictive!

Have there been any challenges?

The biggest challenge in being a freelancer is finding projects that I am a good fit for. The business world is always changing and becoming more competitive, particularly when it comes to online, that I constantly have to evolve my skill set. Some of the work that I was doing six or seven years ago has evolved to a point where it doesn’t really exist any more or is unrecognisable.

What goals do you have for your business this year?

I am looking to set up my own online project(s) that generates an income and to continue improving my existing skills so that I can take on more complex projects for clients.

If I wasn’t in this fabulous career now I would have been a…

Professional footballer playing for Tottenham Hotspur!

We love a fun fact here at Lumina, can you tell us something fun about either yourself or your business?

I have been part of a team that has “sweded” (definition: re-making something from scratch using whatever you can get your hands on.) Fight Club, Austin Powers in Goldmember and James Bond Skyfall film trailers!


Find out more about James and how he can help your digital journey for your business here –