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Keeping Warm this Winter

Mar 01, 2017

According to the NHS, on average, there are around 25,000 winter related deaths every year in England. There is strong evidence that a lot of these deaths are related to the cold temperatures.

The elderly and disabled are often the most vulnerable groups to these types of conditions, however everyone is at risk when it comes to winter conditions. We’ve collated some useful tips for helping you keep warm during this time of year.

Low Tech Tips

Worried about having the heating on all day? There are some easy and simple ways to improve the heating in your home without the use of your thermostat. These small changes can make a big difference when it comes to keeping you warm:

• Thick Curtains

Having thicker curtains in your home can massively affect the amount of cold air getting through. If it’s sunny during the day however, let that sun shine through! It will certainly help.

• Chimney Balloons

If you have an open fireplace for decorative purposes it’s worth investing in a chimney balloon. An extraordinary amount of hot air can easily escape from the chimney. These balloons cost roughly £20 and can save you a lot of potential heat loss.

• Mini-Draughts

Mini-draughts can come through the tiniest of spaces and holes. Letterboxes and cat flaps may seem insignificant, but it all builds up. Any extra cover you can use to block these gaps will be largely beneficial for you. 

• Radiator Blocks

Try to avoid having any furniture items in-front of your radiators. Material will absorb a large amount of heat, stopping it from heating the rest of your house.

• Open Doors

Shut every door to rooms you are not using. Closing the doors will help surround each room with heat while stopping the cold air move throughout the rest of the house.

• Rugs

Rugs and carpeting are a great way to absorb the heat. If there are bare floorboards in the house, cover them as best you can as these will emit the cold air very easily.

• Draught Excluders

These are great for putting along the bottom of doors to keep that floor draught from your feet.

Eat Well

Comfort eating is something we all love to do, and the winter period is in fact the best time to do this. Cooking hot food and making hot drinks creates a happier atmosphere helping your mood during these freezing temperatures. Invite a friend over to join you for lunch or even a nice cup of tea. You’ll enjoy the social aspect, and help others get through this cold time of year.

Office Tips

• Stay Active

From getting up to make a cup of coffee in the morning, to taking a stroll to a colleague’s desk. Movement is key when it comes to keeping warm in the office environment. It’s good to take a break, so make sure you use this time to move around.

• Layers

Before you leave home, ensure that you are wearing enough layers to keep you warm throughout the day. The commute to work isn’t the only environment that can make you cold.

• Hot Drinks

There’s something about hot drinks that can really comfort you during the winter period. Whether it’s at home or in the office, hot drinks have the ability to warm you up and help you through the day. 

• Team Tasks

Working within a team can have a mental and physical effect on your temperature. Look at any tasks that may require assistance from a colleague or two. Natural body heat emits from everyone, and with more people around you, you’re more likely to feel the warming effect.

Winter Blues

Winter has a remarkable effect on people’s mood patterns, and as the cold weather approaches, people find themselves cooped up indoors with no intention to go out and socialize. It is known that this can have a rather deeper effect on particularly vulnerable people, causing depression and illness. 

On 24th January 2005, it was declared that the third Monday of January would be known as ‘Blue Monday’, a day known for everyone being depressed and uninspired after the exciting and happy Christmas period. Read our ‘Monday Blues’ blog for more details on how you can tackle a day such as this –

Switching Energy Supplier

Switching your energy supplier can have a huge effect on your heating, saving you energy along the way. Seriously consider having a no-obligation quote, even if it’s just for your own curiosity. You may be surprised at what you find.