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LED is lighting the way

Oct 14, 2015

Switching to LED lighting can reduce your lighting energy consumption by 70%!

Obviously, this means significant cost savings. It also means big CO2 reductions, with the bulbs being 100% recyclable – so you’ll be doing your bit for the planet whilst saving money. You’ll also spend a lot less time on maintenance.

Lumina has a specialist team that helps customers make the change. It’s led by lighting expert Joseph Stewart, with over 30 years of experience he’s managed bespoke lighting projects of all shapes and sizes.

We’ll start by doing a free site survey, providing you with some free advice on the best way forward. There’s so much choice and flexibility now with LED and the technology itself is far more economical. We can also advise you about any grants and funding on offer. Even small businesses and organisations can save significant amounts and with well thought out energy efficient lighting you can even make dead space you have usable.

Did you know… We’ve helped a local Grammar school slash £18,000 off their annual electricity bill but it’s worth doing even if you’re small, in contrast a small infant school with just six classrooms is saving £1,200 per year and have used better lighting to create a new class area.

We’re working with all kinds of businesses from law firms to restaurants and leisure centres. Get in touch for an initial chat to see how we can help you.