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Lumina visit Drax Power Station

Aug 03, 2017

Situated in North Yorkshire, Drax Power Station is one of the UK’s largest energy producers, predominately generating biomass-fuel.  The station is responsible for producing 7% of the UK’s electricity, consisting of compressed wood pellets rather than coal. This enables Drax to produce a more energy efficient power source across the country.

Why we visited

As a company determined to help all UK businesses reduce their energy costs, our team are endlessly looking to improve the Lumina service by expanding their knowledge and experience in the energy sector. The team were therefore thrilled to be invited to visit Drax Power Station. As one of the UK’s largest energy producers, this was the perfect opportunity for the team to learn more about power generation.

Attending the visit was Energy Sales Team Leader – Matt Greenwood, along with Energy Consultants Daniel Prior, Ian Gilham, Andrew Gillespie and Energy Advisor – Deanna Morris. Haven Power organised the trip, a supplier owned by Drax and in partnership with Lumina Energy to help all small, medium and large businesses save money on their energy bills.

The visit allowed our team to explore the power station and learn all about how the energy is generated. They also learnt how Drax continuously strive to improve their energy efficiency. Here are some of the key facts learnt from the trip:

• Drax Power Station makes breeze blocks and DIY materials from waste biomass.

• The waste from the station has helped create a natural haven for wildlife (Barlow Mound).

• The smoke released from the Drax chimneys is actually steam from water at the bottom.

• The pipes inside the station’s boiler are 380 miles long.


“Our trip to Drax Power Station was one of the best experiences I have had with Lumina Energy. It was an excellent opportunity to bond as a team as well as meeting with our suppliers and competitors. The whole team benefitted from some fantastic knowledge shared with us from our guides at Drax, especially learning how the power station has incorporated the use of Biomass, which has overtaken their use of coal as they shift their focus to renewable energy sources.” 

Matt Greenwood – Energy Sales Team Leader