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Monday is here again

Oct 21, 2015

It's Monday...Again


Monday is here again! The weekends seem to be going faster and faster as we head into the final segment of the year. The nights are getting darker quicker and we still have no idea what is going on with the weather. It doesn’t seem time to pull out the big jumpers and woolly hats just yet.

Monday’s always have an interesting feel about them, whether you work in a large company, a local business or you are self-employed.

Some people wake up nice and early, get their morning coffee or tea, get dressed, grab a quick breakfast and they’re out of the house, ready to embrace the day. Whilst others have already hit snooze three times, are regretting not showering the night before and are panicking about the amount of emails they might walk into when they log in.

We like to embrace Mondays. It’s the start of a new week which means a whole host of new things to look forward to. So here are our tips for beating those Monday blues.

1) Start with a nice warm drink Make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee or if you’re feeling devilish at 9.30am go for a hot chocolate, who’s going to stop you? Plus you’ll feel better afterwards.

2) Always have snacks Have plenty of “getting through the work day” snacks and we often think that Monday’s need different types of snacks then say a Weds. As well as some fruit to stay healthy maybe sneak in a little biscuit later in the afternoon to cheer you up – a reward for the fact that you have almost survived Monday.

3) Don’t let the inbox beat you Deal with emails one at a time, there is no point getting stressed the minute Outlook opens and stares you in face… “500 emails? Over just the weekend” we hear you cry, fear not, you can do this. Get rid of all Spam emails first that way you are just left with the ones that are actually important. Maybe get that cup of tea ready and combine these together.

4) Stop working & get walking Get some air at lunchtime. After being out and about at the weekend nothing makes anyone more blue than being cooped up indoors. Also you need a break from what you are doing, whether that is at a screen or not. Lunchtime is perfect for getting some down time, some fresh air and a new perspective for the afternoon.

5) Beat the Slump The 3pm Slump – we all get it, you’ve done so well and Monday is nearly over but you’ve hit the slump. Everything is getting a bit much, your energy is low and if you’ve had a big lunch you could probably feel like an afternoon nap (if only we had those napping pods like they have in Japan offices). This is the time to get up, get away from your desk and see a colleague. It is unbelievable how many people don’t actually spend any time speaking to colleagues any more. They all just sit and communicate by phone or email. Trust us, seeing someone’s face and having an actual conversation will lift your spirits and you’ll be ready to tackle those final hours.

You’ve made it! It’s the end of the day and Monday is now over. You feel alive, you’ve done it, you survived Monday and you’re feeling great. Now we’re on the path to fabulous Friday.