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Office Christmas Party Do’s and Don’t’s

Dec 10, 2015

Christmas Party season is upon us. The time of the year where we can celebrate as a company all that we’ve achieved over some fine food, free bar and an old school DJ playing the classics. It also comes with a hint of panic, not only are you wondering what to wear but also if colleagues still remember the embarrassing things you did last year. Can you still not look your boss in the face when you told them you love them after too many Prossecos/Beers? Well, have no fear because Lumina are here to provide our official list of Office Christmas Party – Do’s and Don’t’s



Drink too much 
It may be a time to celebrate and let your hair down after a busy and challenging work year but remember you are still in a room with your managers and peers. The Christmas Party is still a work event so maybe keep the amount of free beers and wine in check.

You wouldn’t believe how high the rumour mills runs during a Christmas party but try and stay away from being part of any gossip or rumour spreading. It always comes back to haunt you.

Do you remember that scene in Bridget Jones where she was singing with all her might to her equally drunk colleagues? Well don’t let this be you. You might feel like Mariah Carey but you’re probably sounding more like a shrieking cat.

This is where I feel we are going wrong 
At Christmas parties inhibitions tend to disappear thanks to high spirits, free drink and relaxing. However, it still isn’t the right time to have “that chat” with your boss about where you think the company is going wrong. It most definitely is not the right time to say how under-appreciated you are and ask for a pay rise.  Keep those feelings and conversations for the work environment only when you’re having a serious career conversation.

Colleagues don’t mix
Christmas parties are a notorious time for colleagues to finally take the leap after a year of flirting across the PCs, but honestly it’s not a wise move. You’ll probably both regret it in the morning.


You’ll be surprised how many people don’t attend their Christmas do – why? It’s a great chance to socialise with colleagues, eat a wonderful dinner and celebrate a year of hard work together.

Dress appropriately
Make sure you know the dress code and stick to it. The Christmas Party is not the ideal time to showcase that revealing dress or an old suit covered in dust from last year’s party. Again, you are with management and your peers, so dress appropriately.

Pre book your travel
Stay safe and pre-book your travel to and from your Christmas Party.  Over the Christmas period it can be a nightmare to get a taxi on time, so try and avoid having to wait outside in the cold on your own by pre-booking one in advance.

And most importantly…Have fun!
Don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself and catch up with colleagues.