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Recipe for Developing Customer Relationships

Oct 19, 2016

Customer relationships are key to a business’ success.  If you don’t value your customers then they won’t value your business and then you’re in trouble. With customer’s being more vocal than ever now with their reviews and on various platforms, it is really important to develop those relationships in the best way.

Here’s our wonderful little recipe for doing just that.


  • Positive Attitude
  • Patience
  • Understanding
  • Time
  • Consistency
  • Care
  • Awareness


Always introduce yourself appropriately. Go to them, don’t let them come to you as you need to be eager to meet them and promote yourself with an automatic “how can I help” attitude. A strong handshake is always received with positivity and you must ensure to speak clearly with a positive attitude. The customer needs to know that you are the person that they can rely on.

Lumina-Energy-Office-VisualNext is to consistently be a big part of their journey with you. Regular communication is important, so make sure you always keep them up to date with an order’s progression or any change of circumstances. You want your customers to value you and trust your business. Once this happens this then means they will be more inclined to stay connected with you and hear what your business has to say. Speak to the customer with kindness and understanding, and ask them if there is anything else you may be able to do for them. Sometimes marketing activities can put customers off but not if they’re done in the right way. Ask your customer what they like to hear about, listen to them and then proactively plan your activities to meet their needs.

If your customer does have complaint and isn’t happy with your product or service then treat this issue with care and respect, having nothing but 100% attention and focus on the problem at hand. The customer may ask for reasons why potential problems have happened, the important thing is to stay patient and take the time focusing on resolving the issue in the most professional way possible.

It is very important to be aware of your customers. If you have a front facing business then face to face activity with your customers is paramount. It is not uncommon for customers to enter businesses and not be spoken to until they buy something. Be aware of their presence, be polite and offer a greeting. It’s important to acknowledge that they are there and be on hand when they need assistance.


Building a successful and positive customer relationship can take time. It is something that needs investment and consistency to see the lasting effects, however when you do you will notice a difference in your customer loyalty and retention rates. These customers can also become the greatest influencers when launching a new product or service. They trust you and you trust them – the perfect blend.