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The Power of Reviews

Jul 05, 2016


In today’s world online recommendations are meaning more and more. Reviews have the power to convert customers to your business over a competitor’s and can also help you get more visibility in search results. 

Customer Reviews

So let’s start with the most obvious and one of the most important aspects concerning reviews for your business. 

Customer reviews are a great way to promote your company and really help spread your reputation to more potential customers. 

When receiving positive customer feedback, display this proudly on your website so that everyone can see what a great service your company has to offer. It is important to remember that if, and when, a bad review has been provided, it’s not necessarily a negative issue. Don’t delete bad reviews (unless offensive) as these introduce an element of honesty. People tend to be suspicious when researching a company that has nothing but 5 star reviews. 

Once you have a larger review collection, it’s a good idea to formulate these into an easy to read chart or graphic. This will grab the customer’s attention to the reviews, and is also a great way to promote your business directly from the home page.

Don’t shy away from asking for feedback. One of the keys to building a successful business is asking customers where you are succeeding and where you are failing. Positive and negative feedback can both help you grow and be stronger so don’t hide away from asking what your customer’s think.

Customer Feedback Responses

It is important to respond to customer reviews as quickly as possible. This provides you with an additional level of customer service that other companies may not bother with. Customers do not necessarily expect a response to their online reviews/feedback, and it’s always a nice surprise for them when they hear back from you. It not only shows that you listen, but that you respect their opinions.

Internal Reviewing

Not all reviews are customer orientated. It’s important that you review all of your stats and figures on a monthly basis at a minimum. Social network figures, website figures, emails, phone calls, newsletter opens and e-shot click through rates are all vital pieces of data that can be used to help get the word out to the public on what you have to offer. Reviewing these can give you a massive edge in the business world.

By reviewing all of these aspects, you can plan your next move to improve website and social media attention. For example, if you review your twitter profile and notice that the click through rate has more attention at 2pm, then you can move forward by scheduling more tweets around this time of day, creating a higher presence on twitter feeds.

As a business we conduct six monthly reviews of our website to ensure it is still functioning how we want, meeting customer’s needs and keeping up with the latest developments within digital technology. These kind of reviews are so important and as a business never think that once you have a website that’s enough, it does need constant checking and updating to keep the content fresh and your visitor figures high.


It’s not only the internet that reviews can be promoted; attending an event can be a great way to include customer reviews and show the public what you have to offer. Include an extra stand which displays an attractive chart or graphic listing your positive reviews. New customers can then see this straight away and investigate further into your company and the results you have achieved.

Customer feedback cards can also prove useful when attending an event. Firstly, it shows that you care about your customers and what they think. It also shows that you are always looking to improve your business, taking on board the customer’s suggestions.

Finally, it’s a good idea to try and gather as many customer reviews as possible. The more attention you have, the better. A good way to action this is to introduce incentives for the customers. For example, this could be as simple as; “Tell us what you think and have the chance to win £50”.

Fresh Ideas

Whether reviewing internal data, keeping an eye on customer reviews, or attending promotional events, all of these aspects are waiting for you to spark new ideas to help promote the company one way or another. It’s good to review customer behaviour and take note on what you can do to fit customer requirements; and customer testimonials are a great way to promote positive feedback where possible.

All of these aspects will help you achieve a larger client base, improve website rankings, develop new leads, and has the power to transform your business into a huge success. That is the true power that reviews can have in the business world today.