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Tips for improving your office space

Aug 16, 2016

Offices have a reputation for being dull and uninspiring – the rows of desks, the neutral colours on the walls and often poor lighting, can all make for an unproductive working environment. However as the working landscape changes and companies are starting to think outside the box, office spaces are changing too and all for the better.

If you look around your office right now does it make you feel inspired? Do you enjoy your surroundings? Does it make you feel more productive? Often employees won’t even connect how their working environment not only affects their professional performance but also their mood. According to environmental psychology, an office space can either cause people stress or make them inspired, creative and happy. Companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon have actually revolutionised the way we work and how offices can look.

It was announced at the start of this year that Google will be spending £1 Billion to develop their offices in London. It’s an 11 storey building at Kings Cross and they want it to stand the test of time. Their spec list includes:

  • Open-air swimming pool
  • Indoor football field
  • Climbing wall
  • Roof garden
  • In-house showers

Extravagant compared to the average office décor and design, but everyone doesn’t have to be as big as Google to make their environment better.


Look at your office layout, no matter how big it is. Does it work? Are people too close together? Are they too far apart? Technical companies have lead the way in how people approach the  layout of their space taking open planned working to another level by incorporating more flexible and collaborative working spaces.  Does everyone need a desk? Could some employees hot desk and work days from home? This is becoming a stronger trend in London where companies do have a high head count and offering hot desks and flexible working has not only kept  the office fresh with its turn-around of people, but also offering flexibility for commuters.

Working space

What is your current working space like? Do you have a desk full of paperwork pilled all around you? This alone can affect mood and performance because you are surrounding yourself by physical reminders of what needs to be done and this can be detrimental. Go through the paperwork, re-order it, throw away what isn’t needed any more and even consider scanning some in and saving it to your computer. This will open up your space and also your mood will elevate. You’ll feel more in control of your workload just by removing these physical reminders.

Lumina Energy Office Space


Do you need to sit at a desk? Sounds like a funny question doesn’t it, but have you considered a standing desk? These are also becoming more popular in offices, mainly in the US but there is an increase happening over here in the UK. The standing desk can also be bought from IKEA, so quite easy to implement. Those who have used a standing desk have reported not only feeling better physically, noticing reduced posture problems and minimising lower back pain, but have also found their productivity has increased because they have been on their feet, moving around the office and generally feel a buzz while working.


You will find some great articles on the internet about why no one should ever paint their offices walls white and how using colour and wall art is much more beneficial for all employees.  Colour psychology is huge and more and more employers are using this process to determine what colours they paint their office building.

Think back to when you were thinking about the colours to use in your business logo or how your website would look. When designing your brand you choose certain colours to represent your business and what you want people to think and feel when they see it and interact with it. The same can be applied to your work space, no matter how big or small.  Different colours not only represent different meanings but also can create certain moods.

Here is a great infographic on colour in the office from Laura Dunkley.


Full article can be found here –

Think about how you want people to feel in your office space. If you’re an employee have a think about how you can incorporate colour into your desk space.

Hopefully this article has inspired you to re-think your office space, how to create some mood elevators and aid in increasing productivity.