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What’s Your Story?

Jan 31, 2017

“Once upon a time…”

When it comes to children’s books, those four simple words have the ability to instantly take control of an author’s audience, captivating them far away into their own imagination. Where is the story leading them? What dangers will our characters face? And most importantly, what valuable lessons will they learn?

As National Storytelling Week reaches its 17th birthday, we look at the wonders of literature and how we can promote this wonderful time of the year by sharing our stories with one another.

Children’s Books

The great thing about children’s books is that they have the ability to help raise young children, making them aware of the basic challenges we face in life and how we can overcome them with friendship, love and kindness. As the story develops, the child learns new life lessons and grows emotionally.


Non-fiction not only exists in published books, it also appears in your everyday life. Sharing stories is something we do as a society every day. From something amusing that happened the night before, to repeating stories we had previously heard on the news. It’s all connected and this is how we develop relationships with others.

Get Creative

Talking to your friends about a funny or scary story is easy. So why not write it down and build on this? Creating your own story can be challenging, but with a little patience and time it can also be quite enlightening, opening up a skill you didn’t know you had. If it’s a child’s book you’re thinking about writing, why not involve your children? A little market research involving your young son or daughter could be just what you need to get started; after all, they are the ones who’ll be reading it.

J.K Rowling’s first Harry Potter book was published with thanks to eight-your-old Alice Newman, the daughter of the Bloomsbury Publishing House chairman. Alice was given the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to review by her father, after which, she immediately demanded the next.

Social Media – A New Age of Storytelling

Social media now brings an updated look on how our stories are told. With platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snap Chat, the world can see your story at the click of a button. As we move deeper into the digital world, it’s important to focus on your creativity, as a business and an individual. Take a look at the multiple social media platforms out there and become inspired by these methods of storytelling, posting them online for the world to see.

Office Morale

Relaying a story or witty anecdote to your colleagues around the office is a great way to raise staff morale as this can sometimes be quite an uninspiring place to be. A good story gives co-workers a chance to converse by taking a few minutes out of their daily BAU to talk about something personal. Raising spirits, if only for a moment, can have a massive effect on your business.

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”

J. R. R. Tolkien