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Why is Google good for my business?

Jun 08, 2016

Billions of people around the world use Google every day. The phrase “Google it” is one of the most popular phrases used in the UK and United States. But how can this search engine really help your business to grow and succeed?

Most of us use Google as a simple search tool. We use the website to find music, watch videos, buy clothing, and even search for our ancestors. But there is so much more we can do with this technology, and what’s better, mostly free of charge!

So let’s have a look at the weird and wonderful world of Google and answer the question:

“Why is Google good for my business?”


Many of us perform a Google search every day of our lives. But what are we searching for, and will it really help our business?

When performing a Google search you need to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Try to think about what keywords they are searching for, and how easily they can find your website. For example, if someone was looking for a good tailoring company, the keywords that are most likely used could be; “Suit”, “Tailoring”, “Tuxedo”, maybe even “Wedding”. It’s a good idea to think outside the box, but also to think about what keywords you would search if you were looking for a particular product such as your own.

Be seen on search results

To be able to show up more often in search results you need to think again about the most popular keywords that are searched on a daily basis. If your website has the word “Suit” labelled on the home page, your website is more likely to show up when this keyword is searched.

Many people assume that Google searches the entire internet when a single keyword is entered, however this is incorrect. What Google actually does is search a large portion of the web using algorithms which they call “Spiders”. The spiders crawl across a massive area of the internet picking up and storing all useful websites which have the keyword “Suit” included.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a simple tool that can help your business grow and show you in search results for potential customers. If you can advertise your business using local maps, then nearby customers are more likely to approach your shop for ease.

For example, let’s say Mark has been decorating his living room, and he decides that he really needs a new screwdriver, as his old one is completely bent out of shape. A simple tool, usually something you can order from any online goods website. When Mark performs his Google search, there are many different web-pages that show up, all of which take roughly 3-5 days to get delivered.

If you have associated yourself with Google to display your DIY store on their maps, Mark may see this as a quick and easy win by actually visiting your store, and as a result can finish his living room by the end of the weekend.

Reporting (Google Analytics)

As you will already know, reporting is a massive component concerning your business effectiveness. A report allows you to see the positive or negative progression that your company has, and also helps you identify how you can improve your business as a whole.

Google Analytics is a fantastic and free tool you can use to see exactly how your business is progressing by looking at your website popularity. It’s intelligent design allows you to view the following:

·         How many customers have returned to your website

·         How many new customers have visited your website

·         How many page views there have been

·         What the most popular page visited is

·         The average amount of seconds customers are spending on a single page

·         Where in the world customers have visited your website from (most popular)

·         How customers have located your website (organic search, direct search, referral, social, email etc.)

Google Analytics has a vast amount of reports which allows you to monitor all of your website and business progress for exceptional results. Certainly a useful tool to have in any business!

Google My Business

Google my business is a great start up tool for advertising your business. It basically allows you to promote your company in as many ways as possible. The examples below can be very useful:

·         Show your location

·         Show your contact details

·         Receive customer ratings

·         Receive customer feedback

·         Post replies and responses to customers

·         Use Google ad words to help click-through rate (free Google service which allows the customer to see additional descriptions of your product)

Customer Feedback & Communication

Customer feedback and communication is easily considered as one of the most important factors when enticing new customers to your website and business. Google My Business makes it easy for you to check customer ratings and feedback, and respond accordingly.

If a customer has posted about a bad experience when eating at your restaurant for example, do not shy away from this comment, but instead write back in a professional manor, expressing your apologies, and perhaps offering a complimentary service to get them back. If new customers are scrolling through and can see this complaint, they can also see the professional and polite manor to which you have responded, and consider visiting your business for themselves.

We’re sure you’ll agree, Google has a bundle of useful services to offer your business, all of which can help your business grow and evolve to its true potential.


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