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CASE STUDY – Tobia Teff

Jun 30, 2022

“Health food company retrieves £3,000 refund on their energy bills due to estimated readings.”

Company background

Tobia Teff supplies and manufactures health food products primarily consisting of an ancient grain called ‘Teff’. Teff has a range of health benefits and contains calcium, iron and a multitude of other essential minerals to promote a healthier body.

Company Secretary, Sophie Sirak-Kebede spoke to us about how she found her experience with Lumina Energy:

How did you find Lumina?

“We received a sales call from Lumina Energy about two years ago and decided to look into switching our energy supplier to reduce costs.”

How did we help?

“We are extremely happy and satisfied with the help and support our company has received from Lumina for the last 2 and ½ years. Staff are polite and have a very professional attitude. I’m particularly referring to Mr Andrew Gillespie. He’s always there to help and guide us whenever we require advice. Andrew has a very professional attitude, friendly and knows his job very well.”

What savings did you make? 

“I just had about £3,000 refunded from our electric supplier, thanks to Andrew. He found out that we were being charged on estimated readings as oppose to the actual consumption. Very grateful to Andrew.”

Would you use Lumina again? 

“We are still with Lumina and very much intend to stay longer with this friendly and professional company. I have already recommended Lumina to other companies I know and work with.”

For more information regarding Tobia Teff Ltd. please visit their website at