Our top tips
for Energy Efficiency

Lumina Energy is an environmentally conscious business, we practice what we preach and we are continually striving to improve our environmental performance as a business.


Switch off
and save.

Even in stand-by mode you’re using energy. Turn off at the socket; unplug appliances you don’t use much.

Turn it down.

If you reduce your room temperature by 1°C you won’t notice, but you’ll notice savings of up to 10% on next year’s bill!

Let there be low energy light.

If you haven’t already switched to low energy bulbs do it today. They typically last 12 times longer, generate less heat and incredibly, use 75% less energy than traditional bulbs.

Don't waste your

Literally money down the drain! Consider cheap gadgets such as flow restrictors, self-closing taps and low flow showerheads - all proven to cut your hot water usage and overall water bill.

Get a Smart meter.

So you have accurate information about your energy consumption. You’ll understand your energy use and make sure you only pay for the energy you have used when your supplier sends you a bill.

Embrace sensor

Motion sensor lighting is easy to install and turns off lights when people aren’t around.

Let computers snooze.

Enable automatic sleep mode if unused for 10 minutes.

Look out for the star.

When you buy new equipment, make sure it bears the energy star label – ensuring energy efficiency is built in.


To make sure you’re not heating and cooling when you don’t need to be!

Energy grants.

There are lots of grants and funding schemes designed to help your business embrace energy saving measures. The Energy Saving Trust has all the information, advice and support for businesses large and small.


Generate your
own power.

Solar panels are just one of the ways you can generate your own energy. Feed-In Tariffs (FITs) can even help you make money - you get paid for surplus electricity you create and feed in to the national grid.


Tell the world!

Become an energy saving evangelist – tell people about they can help, the ways they can avoid waste – turning off lights, switches or appliances, closing doors. Use posters, team meetings, and internal newsletters and be sure to share the saving achievements!

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