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How does your service work?

We are an energy consultancy aimed to help organisations reduce their energy costs. We can review various aspects of your energy spend, from procuring a competitive supply contract to providing reporting or analysis on your usage. Working with over 25 different suppliers and partners, our experienced Energy Consultants can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

How long have you been established?

Lumina began it’s journey in 2012 and forming part of Kent County Council’s Commercial Services Trading Ltd. which also includes Lumina’s sister company LASER Energy who bring over 30 years’ experience in the public sector.

Are you a supplier?

No, we are a Third Party Intermediary. We will receive a fee from your chosen supplier which will be the same regardless of the supplier to ensure we are impartial. The fee will be included within your proposed rates in the form of pence per kilowatt hour or pence per day standing charge.

How many suppliers do you use?

We currently work with over 25 suppliers of gas and electricity as well as other partners in delivering water procurement, reporting services and meter operator contracts.

Can I meet someone face to face?

Absolutely, we are based in Kings Hill, Kent and can arrange a meeting with you at our office or alternatively we can come and visit you.

Contracts & switching energy supplier

Can I cancel my existing energy contract mid contract?

In some cases you can cancel part way through your existing contract with your supplier, however by doing this you will likely incur some termination fees. This information can be found on the T&C’s of your current contract. We do not recommend cancelling your current contract mid term, we can help you organise your next one when it is ready for renewal.

I have just taken over a business address. Can I switch suppliers or am I tied to the previous contract?

It is indeed possible to switch suppliers, as this is a change of tenancy you are not obliged to retain the previous owner’s energy supplier. So get in touch with us and we can start establishing the best energy prices for your business.

Will my prices change?

No, at Lumina we offer Fixed Price, Fixed Term contracts through our suppliers therefore your price will be fixed for the duration of your contract.

Complaints Handling Procedure

If you are not satisfied with our service to you please let us know. 

You can find the full details of our Complaints Handling Procedure by clicking the link below.


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